ICT includes all the technical means used to process information and assist communications, including computer hardware and networks, intermediary communications as well as software.

Recent years, with the on-going digital age, programmers are open up to plenty of great career opportunities with competitive salary as IT is expanding its wings out to reach a wider workforce. Vietnam has many potential projects and emerging businesses circled around AI, IoT, VR, AR,.. during these years which has set the outstanding value for the current tech industry.

The Player Academy has acknowledged the lack of IT human resources and committed to providing qualified IT courses to keep up with technology trends around the world. Especially, we offer courses like those in Unity & Unreal Engine whose course isn't available yet in Vietnam.

  • Subject         :  IOT Developer on Business Practice (JAVA Programming)
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  • Subject         :  IOT Developer on Business Practice (C/C++ Programming)
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  • Subject         :  JAVA Beginning
  • Study Term  :  
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  • Subject         :  JAVA Advanced
  • Study Term  :  
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  • Subject         :  Unity 3D
  • Study Term  :  23days (92hours)
  • Study Time  :  8am~12pm/5pm~9pm (Mon~Fri)
  • Study Fee    :  6,900,000 VND
  • Teacher       :  Mr Majid

IOT Developer on Business Practice(JAVA Programming)

Skillful use of the programming language most commonly used in IOT. Its goal is to foster developers who can solve problems that will be encountered during field development.

Education Content

1. JAVA Programming
2. Web Programming
3. Spring Programming
4. Arduino
5. Raspberry Pi
6. NodeJS Programming
7. Project

IOT Developer on Business Practice(C / C++ Programming)

JAVA Beginning

1. Understand the operating principles and methods of development of Java applications.
2. Study basic Java grammar required for programming.
3. Learn the concept and implementation of object-oriented programming.
4. Learn how to use Java's core API.

Education Content

1. Establish a programming environment and understand the principles of Java application development and execution
2. Making a User-Defined Data Type Using Class Grammar.
3. Class utilization for abstraction; Static members and Instance members
4. OOP three characteristics: Inheritance, Polymorphism, Encapsulation.
5. Highest class of Java is Object, Differences between abstract classes and interfaces
6. Concepts of exception and how to handle exception, concepts of file and input/output, object serialization

JAVA Advanced

1. Learn how to handle object lists by use collection API.
2. Learn how to handle classes and instances during execution by using the Reflection API.
3. Learn how to use Annotation, Generic and method of handle data by Java.
4. Learn method of network and multi threaded programming.

Education Content

1. Difference between List, Set, Map and how to use them
2. Creation instance and calling method by using reflection API
3. Definition of Annotation and extracting information.
4. When compile by Generic, intensification type inspection.
5. SQL: DDL, DML, DQL grammar.
6. JDBC programming.
7. Network programming by Socket.
8. Multithreading skill by using Thread and Runnable

Unity 3D

Education Content

Unity 3D editor
C# basics
Level Design(72hours)